Blurring the lines between analog and digital.

Current smartwatches lack the emotional and expressive value of analog watches, while analog watches lack the functional and contextual customization of a smartwatch. AND is an exploration on how these two worlds could come together to produce a product with the elegance and emotional relevance of an analog watch while maintaining the modern utility of a smartwatch.

Elegant amalgam of digital and physical elements.

AND’s design is driven by the notion of integrating the physical and digital experience. Though utilizing the familiar design of a sub-dial architecture the watch face takes on a familiar aesthetic. Modern display technology allows for users content to be displayed in full colour or in a discreet passive mode for an even more integrated appearance.

Inspired by the future. Designed to endure.

The design language of AND was intended to be a clean, comfortable, and logical interpretation of a modern timepiece, paying homage to the futuristic space inspired visions of Raymond Loewy. The form of the case presents a smooth convex surface that flows directly into the crystal creating a harmonious relationship between the seemingly disparate elements.

An accessory to your phone, Not a replacement.

The AND watch UI is based around the idea of customizable and contextually aware dials. Unlike other smartwatches the user is not required to navigate through menus and applications on the smartwatch. Instead the user sets three key interactions on their smartphone such as “traffic, run data, and date” and the watch will display only those information cards. This paired down approach to the UI allows for a extremely clear functional hierachy and no need to interact with a undersized touch screen.

Mechanical and digital construction.

Through studying the construction and technical breakup of existing mechanical and digital watches I was able to build an approximation of what the interior of the product might look like if the product were to be fully engineered. The design features a two part 316L stainless steel enclosure with integrated mounting features for the movement and PCB sub assemblies. Both the PCB, and OLED display assemblies allow for the passthrough of the movements centre pivot arm.

Premium materials and finishes.

When designing the packaging for the AND brand I wanted the unboxing experience to maintain the same clean, comfortable, and logical sensibilities of the watch. The packaging features a frosted acrylic top enclosure and metallic cardboard base. The lack of physical decoration on the sides of the packaging creates a level of visual intrigue as the contents of the hazy cylinder slowly come into focus upon closer inspection.