Layer Seating

Layer is a modular seating system of frames and shells designed to seamlessly transition between public and private use. The system is an exploration around how a common form can be extended across a family of seating products.

Standardized frame system.

The family of products utilizes the same gas assist molded polyamide framing system. The frames standardized curvature allows the shells to be stacked and configured in a number of unique combinations, resulting in single-seat, double-seat, and tri-seat variants.

Defining proportion and scale.

The main aesthetic goal of the project was defining a shell and frame shape that would look appropriate in varying seating lengths. Because of the differing scale of the seating elements the final shape would have to work as a chair, a love seat, and a sofa. The process began with low fidelity sketches and quickly transitioned into more detailed CAD and foam core model exploration. The majority of time was dedicated to achieving C2 curvature continuity on the surfaces of the frame.

An expression of modern materials and manufacturing.

The finalized form of the seating system is designed to highlight and frame the beauty of the material and varied manufacturing processes. The compression molded PET felt shells are made from highly recyclable PET bottles, resulting in a versatile and durable seating shell with unique material characteristics.

Discoverable details.

While the silhouette of the seating system is designed to be extremely minimal, the collection features hidden assembly details on the base of the frame that allow the user to securely fasten the PET shell to the frame. A fold out thumbscrew removes the need for additional assembly features or tools.