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Image of an Earbud MicImage of a floating TV set-top boxImage of a soft textile wearable bracelet. Internals of earbud.Image of floating green earbuds.Image of a person wearing bright orange earbuds.Detail of the surfacing on a chairs backrest.People embracing wearing colored earbuds.Pixel WatchClose up of a Watch crown.Close up of a silicone watch band.Chair leg detail.

Dustin Lee is a Canadian Industrial Designer based in San Francisco, California. He is the Founder and Principal Designer at Object–Office – an Industrial Design focused creative studio, fascinated by the intersection of luxury, craft and desirability.

Prior to founding Object Office – Dustin had been a member of Google’s talented Industrial Design team; Primarily focused on the design of future Wearables including the Pixel Buds, Pixel Watch, and Immersive Wearables product lines.

Both Dustin’s personal and professional work explores the intersection of fashion and technology; creating objects that balance complex ergonomics, technological constraints, and ideas of self-expression, identity, and the beauty of objects we choose to put on and around our body.

Object–Office is currently taking on new clients into 2024.

For opportunities, collaborations, or questions, please feel free to reach out. Portfolio available upon request.